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Large Ceramic Adele Shell Bowl


Large Ceramic Adele Shell Bowl. This is the Large Ceramic Adele Shell Bowl. Designed and developed by Hill Interiors’ very own Adele, this over-sized clam shell is ceramic and fully watertight. Others on the market tend to be made from resin and are therefore not watertight and don’t have the same robustness.

This piece is multi-textural and is functional as well as ornamental – see possible uses below. The 5 uses we’ve thought of for this product so far:

Display it as is, it’s a beauty after all!
Fill with our faux florals
Plant with seasonal indoor bulbs e.g. hyacinths, paperwhites.
Lie champagne across it on a bed of ice.
Fill with small hand towels / face cloths, in the bathroom.
There must be more – see what you can dream up!

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Weight 3.1000 kg
Dimensions 40.00 × 40.00 × 16.00 cm








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143 in stock